Thursday, April 26, 2007

i'm a racist white bitch

I gotta admit, one thing I WASN'T hoping for when I left the office at 1:44 am this morning was to chug tiredly on the D train for 45 minutes only to be followed from the Popeyes on the corner home by a belligerent crackhead.

I never turned around to look at my new buddy but from the timbre of voice I am guessing it was a woman (although there's room for self-doubt here)(as everywhere). At first, "she" just trailed me (I was walking at a clip) muttering unintelligibly. But the muttering got gradually more distinct and pointed until she was obviously shouting at me. "Getting all up in HERE. You don't want us down THERE and now you think you can come up HERE. Racist motherfucker. White bitch. Go ahead, walk fast, racist white motherfucking bitch. Gonna kill you and kill your sorry ass mother and kill your sorry ass father, racist motherfucker. What you want to come around HERE for with your motherfucking white ass."

I was very sleepy and in my state wanted nothing more than to turn around and reason with her. "Look, ma'am, I hate to point out the obvious but racism is variously defined as prejudice or persecution based on skin color. I think if we analyze this situation we'll see that in fact YOU are the racist because you are harrassing and threatening me and making judgments about ME based on nothing more than the color of my skin." But then I realized I didn't actually KNOW if it was a ma'am or a sir. And that I didn't want to get stabbed, shot, or raped. How very white of me.

Sigh. The saddest thing about the whole situation is that I sympathize with her. Really.


angelle said...

hahaha oh dear. dude, that kind of stuff kinda makes me mad. some crazies with a chip on their shoulders. sigh. oh, but we're all racist to some extent. haha. smart on the not turning around and getting stabbed bit.

C. Dappen said...

Have you ever considered or do you write?

Because this would be fantastic inspiration for a story.

I'm thinking about a career in publishing. Ideally, I'd like to be a literary agent. I'd like to make connections as a writer.

How is the publishing industry?

I need to get out of Nebraska, first and foremost.

Bluenana said...

Oh man, that was too funny. Except for the part that there was an excellent chance he/she could have seriously hurt you.

BTW, who are these new people around here? Angelle, c. dappen: haven't seen you in these parts much before. Welcome, welcome.

(I just love to tear down the anonymity of blogging.)

Ari said...

Joining the angelic and dapper bandwagon (to make a pun off their names, no offense intended), I'll become a virtual mouth aimed at a virtual ass.

Scanning some recent stories of yours, girl, you have some funny and true shit. (I'm a published freelance writer.) I must ask, though: Do you make up names as you go, such as Robert the Publisher and Nikki? Or are those real names of real paper? I'm adding you to my selected blogs for people to check out.

Keep 'em coming! As for my part, I'll try to reciprocate with other animals than just goats.

angelle said...

haha. you've got a new fan club!

in my defense, i actually know this girl. i'm not just a random. :)

moonrat said...

SO exciting!! So many new posters!! Tralala.