Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I cooked!!!

Thanks to Susan, and before her, Jamie Oliver, o naked chef extraordinaire. I made halved chicken fillets, pounded, olive oiled, salted, and peppered, with mushed banana pressed between them like a banana sandwich. These were placed on a glass baking tray (Martha Stewert line, acquired on flooded Sunday when I was the only shopper at KMart) filled with corn kernels, butter beans, and milk. I covered the chickens with strips of bacon, baked for an hour, and served with brown rice (cooked effortlessly in my new rice cooker, Martin Yan endorsed, similarly acquired Sunday from KMart). Joy joy joy!! Have I mentioned butter beans are perhaps the best things in the world?

Alas it was the first time I had tried to use the oven in my new apartment, and of course the moment I opened the oven door to put in my beautifully decked-out tray of raw chicken and bacon it became clear that THE OVEN DIDN'T WORK. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth but eventually the Super issued forth from his den and there was banging and pounding and a horrible sulferous smell and then everything was working properly. Which was excellent. Now all I need is a toilet that flushes. And windows that don't leak. And a sink that drains. And a bathtub, while we're at it. And a bed to sleep on. A couch. Some chairs. My clothes back from my old apartment and from Melanie's, where many of them are living.

In the meantime, I DO have leftover chicken. Which is almost as good as the rest of it.


Bluenana said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! You're a regular Betty Crocker!

Since I had a very disappointing lunch today (which was later buoyed by free ice cream), I found this post to be very painful to read.

Bluenana said...

By the way....so happy you're back in the blogosphere!