Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Book report: Amy Tan/Saving Fish from Drowning

Dear Amy,

I know we've fallen out of touch. Perhaps you felt betrayed because although your most recent novel came out more than 2 years ago I only recently got a copy for myself (and yeah...I didn't pay for it. I think Robert the publisher bought it by accident, for it turned up in an Amazon box and no one would claim it. But then again, when you have as many millions as Robert the publisher it's difficult to keep track of them all).

But Amy, I have to say *I* felt betrayed by BONESETTER'S DAUGHTER, which was a cheap regurgitation of the same exact themes you had so charmingly excreted in THE JOY LUCK CLUB and THE KITCHEN GOD'S WIFE. Hence my reluctance to give my relationship with you another chance.

But when a free book falls into one's hands it's bad karma not to read it. And I have to admit--I was really pleasantly surprised. Your thin characters were effete yet entertaining and I learned a lot of semi-true fact about Burma. I was inspired, at any rate, to look a lot of things up on Wikipedia.

But I was disappointed in the end, Amy. Your resolution was weak. The whole book dissolved into caricature and the plot became comically unrealistic. Especially sad was how you left the narrator, Bibi--you had set her up for such great things, then just wasted the character by having her amount to nothing at all.

So Amy, I'm gonna be honest here. I think we need a break from each other. A clean break. Although no one has to know how often I happen to revisit your past masterpieces.

Goodbye, Amy. At the very least thanks for driving me to Wikipedia. Always an educational experience with lots of click-throughs.

Rattily yours,



angelle said...

haha so not so good after all huh?

angelle said...

friends on the inside? no, not quite. i can't think of any. and the couple of obvious ones? i think i dated them all and got dumped. i really should learn to keep it platonic if i ever want to break into this world, shouldn't i??

angelle said...

oh i feel like i might need to bribe you with 30 crumbs cupcakes to get on YOUR good side first though...

moonrat said...

dude. even *i* can't eat 30. those things are huge.

not that a little bribery is ever taken amiss.