Wednesday, March 14, 2007

yay Nikki!

Last night, Blue and I got to go to an event where Nikki was reading a fabulously touching selection from her novel. She was reading with a famous published author and at the end during the panel discussion it became clear that everyone liked Nikki AT LEAST as much as (but probably more than) the published guy. She did such a good job, though--not only was the story itself incredibly well-wrought, Nikki's delivery added a whole other level to the experience. You clearly never know your friend is a power performance artist until you see her in an entirely different setting.

And, after the whole seeing-my-friend-get-deservedly-appreciated-by-her-public thing, one of the best parts about the whole evening is that her dad came up from DC to see her read. This made me think of my dad and how he's always begged to be allowed to read what I've written and how he's always gotten painfully rebuffed (in the end, if you think about it, is there any content you ARE ok with your dad's reading?!?) but he's always respected my privacy and never tried to sneak a peak at any manuscripts or anything. I thought of how happy he would be if I had a real reading and he could sit and listen to me and pretend to be a stranger who doesn't have to make personal associations in regards to his daughter the author. I'm so happy that Nikki got a chance to do that--and that her dad had a chance to listen.

I am so proud of her--she is a star. And she's a reminder that you can make what you love work for you. I hope there will be another reading again soon.

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Nikki said...

Oh Moonie! Thank you. I'm soo glad you were there and incredibly flattered that you thought it was good. I hope they'll be another one v. soon too and one in the not so distant future where i'm reading from my bound, jacketed first novel.