Monday, March 05, 2007

lost day

I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but somehow the task fell on me to make ALL the sales materials for our spring sales conference. I mean, I guess it's fair enough--the sales/marketing assistant is out and I'm the most junior editor--but on the other hand there are only 3 more precious days with Robert in the office and I feel like if I don't make an acquisition before he leaves there is going to be general malaise and loss of respect and that my career will never recover and having spent all day in my little silk shirt (now tattered) running around with boxes of 11-hole velo paper instead of talking to authors and queuing up for a meeting with Robert, I am of course one day closer to desperation and/or oblivion. And even though I've spent ALL DAY at the copy machine the materials aren't even close to half done and it looks like I will be here long into the night...

Panic, panic. Panic.

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Bluenana said...

Don't worry so much, just keep your head above water. No one is expecting you to make an acquisition by now, but they are expecting you to keep up with the pace and get your bearings.

If I learned anything from my "fight" with--umm, let's call him Derrick--the appearance of confidence is equally if not more important than actual self-confidence itself.

I'm sorry about your shirt. Is this the seafoam green one? It was so pretty.

If all else fails (in the self-confidence department), go shopping and buy yourself a awe-inspiring smart outfit. Then wear it to work. Works like a charm every time.