Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to go home

but I'm only on M.

Also, I have 16,435 other things I was supposed to have done today. Stacks of proposals to read, three different sets of specs to work out with production, a hundred people to call... All fucking day and my eyes are blurring and I'm only on M.


jalexissmith said...

dude are you alive?

jalexissmith said...


I survived an EARTHQUAKE for you! Let me know that you are alive!!!!!!!

-jennifer_r.from the block

jalexissmith said...

Dear faithful readers of Ratatat's blog and blog comments,

I did indeed hear from the Rat yesterday and she is alive. Just thought you might have been as worried as I was... then again I was the one who survived an EARTHQUAKE. So maybe you should all be worrying about me! Don't worry, I am fine!