Thursday, March 08, 2007

I love my roommate

I haven't seen him in awhile, because of my new work schedule. In fact, I'm not sure our paths have crossed since before I started my new job. But when I came home last night he was there watching American Idol.

"All that crazy stress must be good for you!" he said. "You look fantastic. So thin! So stylish!"

He clearly needs his lens prescription upgraded but DAMN that is never a bad thing to hear! He's obviously the best roommate ever.


jalexissmith said...

are you eating?

no, cupcakes do not count as food. Fruit, vegetables, complex carbs, good protein!!!! Have an apple for petesake!

Bluenana said...

Seriously. What we ate last night does not consitute proper eating, and I'm ashamed to be an enabler:

-sesame pancake
-sugar free brownie
-day old chocolate cake thing
-chocolate macaroon
-earl grey tea