Tuesday, March 13, 2007

c.f. recent post re: Editors Who Don't Read

I'm going to become one of them. I can see it already. I can't imagine ever wanting to open a book again.

And yet at the same time I DESPERATELY CRAVE typeset, proofread text that I don't have to correct in my mind.

My eye!! It twitches!!


Bluenana said...

I've always agreed with rhs notion. I work for two of them and I too fear that I'm becoming one of them.

Well, in my case, these days if it doesn't come in an 8-1/2" x 11" glossy format with pictures of white dresses and floral arrangements, I'm not interested.

Bluenana said...

Fuck. Sorry.

"rhs" in line 1 was supposed to be "this."

I'm becoming an editor who doesn't edit anymore.

moonrat said...

ehn. I'm an editor who can't spell and WHO ISN'T ASHAMED ANYMORE!!!

(i was going to write "embarrassed" but i realized that i still haven't worked out how many Rs there should be)