Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to go home

but I'm only on M.

Also, I have 16,435 other things I was supposed to have done today. Stacks of proposals to read, three different sets of specs to work out with production, a hundred people to call... All fucking day and my eyes are blurring and I'm only on M.

today: making an index

Nikki makes an excellent point: there might be a lot of dumb gruntwork associated with working at a tiny press, but after this my resume is going to be so effing versatile I'll be able to apply for a job as just about anything--copyeditor, indexer, designer, executive assistant, typist, copy room clerk...

Saturday, March 17, 2007



It is SO time to get out of this apartment.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Maybe now I have some form of job security...?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

world's best-kept secret (which I am now irresponsibly disclosing on my blog)

Verlaine! The bar on Rivington and Ludlow. $4 lychee martinis. Until at LEAST 8pm (based on my research!). (Don't remember much after 8 which should be a good sign.) (Might even have been 9.) Oh my LORD are lychees yummy.

We'll be there at 6. Everyday. Pop by.

I'm doing it!

I'm looking for a new apartment.

I'm sad to leave my roommates, but not so sad to leave the bugs. And the browned-out refridgerator (sp?).

And I'll have a writing desk, this time. So maybe I'll write more. (Humm.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

yay Nikki!

Last night, Blue and I got to go to an event where Nikki was reading a fabulously touching selection from her novel. She was reading with a famous published author and at the end during the panel discussion it became clear that everyone liked Nikki AT LEAST as much as (but probably more than) the published guy. She did such a good job, though--not only was the story itself incredibly well-wrought, Nikki's delivery added a whole other level to the experience. You clearly never know your friend is a power performance artist until you see her in an entirely different setting.

And, after the whole seeing-my-friend-get-deservedly-appreciated-by-her-public thing, one of the best parts about the whole evening is that her dad came up from DC to see her read. This made me think of my dad and how he's always begged to be allowed to read what I've written and how he's always gotten painfully rebuffed (in the end, if you think about it, is there any content you ARE ok with your dad's reading?!?) but he's always respected my privacy and never tried to sneak a peak at any manuscripts or anything. I thought of how happy he would be if I had a real reading and he could sit and listen to me and pretend to be a stranger who doesn't have to make personal associations in regards to his daughter the author. I'm so happy that Nikki got a chance to do that--and that her dad had a chance to listen.

I am so proud of her--she is a star. And she's a reminder that you can make what you love work for you. I hope there will be another reading again soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update: Adventure Off to Great Start

Have spilled coffee all over manuscript and keyboard. That's mildly embarassing. Should not be drinking coffee at this hour, anyway.

no one reads my blog anymore.

I fear I have alienated my readership.

How do I win you back, my beloveds?

I must go out and have some kind of entertaining and/or embarassing adventure which I can proceed to relate. Ok. My task is set. Off I go.

c.f. recent post re: Editors Who Don't Read

I'm going to become one of them. I can see it already. I can't imagine ever wanting to open a book again.

And yet at the same time I DESPERATELY CRAVE typeset, proofread text that I don't have to correct in my mind.

My eye!! It twitches!!

oh, Crumbs.

I owe my most deepest kind of gratitude to Angelle, who brought and assortment of 6 giant Curmbs cupcakes to Melanie's birthday last night. It has become clear that up until yesterday I was walking in the darkness. Thank you, Angelle, for showing me the light.

Friday, March 09, 2007

by the way, I've spent the last 36 hours

copyediting a scan of an entire book that's done in size 9 font. My eyes are bugging.

Did I mention it's an art book with 60 pages of notes with soruce quotations in Dutch, German, French, and Norwegian (all of which look the same to me)? Oh, yeah, when the scan was done, it ripped out any kinds of accents, umlauts (sp?), or italics. So I get to tiny tiny write in my little green pen all those tiny instructions for fixing those things.

The thing that makes me feel the worst--whatever I don't finish today, Jesse's coming in on Sunday to finish. That kid is going to kill himself.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I love my roommate

I haven't seen him in awhile, because of my new work schedule. In fact, I'm not sure our paths have crossed since before I started my new job. But when I came home last night he was there watching American Idol.

"All that crazy stress must be good for you!" he said. "You look fantastic. So thin! So stylish!"

He clearly needs his lens prescription upgraded but DAMN that is never a bad thing to hear! He's obviously the best roommate ever.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

my mother

gave me a large and obnoxious piece of costume jewelry--a ring absolutely studded with large and wonderful fake diamonds. I have been wearing it to work everyday and no one has commented. I wondered yesterday to Melanie if maybe people here didn't know me well enough to realize I was wearing it ironically?

Today, the publicist asked me if it was some kind of promise ring. Sigh, alas. I would NEVER date a man that was rich enough to buy me something this tasteless. I am going to have to educate my new colleagues about my principles.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jalexis is looking for a book suggestion.

3/04/07 jalexissmith said...

Ok ladies, suggest a good one for me! I am not big on fantasy and clearly not big of slow books. Any suggestions?


From Moonrat:

This week I'm recommending Andrea Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife. It's one of those books that was a bestseller that I don't feel stupid recommending to anyone at all. It's a clever story, a fun read, and a great example of how fiction can help you take a little vacation from reality.

Anyone else have a recommendation for Jalexis?

Monday, March 05, 2007


Extension to 2 pm tomorrow.

Although...this means tomorrow will probably be wasted, too.

Seriously. How did this work fall on me? Even the editorial assistant is curious. And a little sorry-looking.

lost day

I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but somehow the task fell on me to make ALL the sales materials for our spring sales conference. I mean, I guess it's fair enough--the sales/marketing assistant is out and I'm the most junior editor--but on the other hand there are only 3 more precious days with Robert in the office and I feel like if I don't make an acquisition before he leaves there is going to be general malaise and loss of respect and that my career will never recover and having spent all day in my little silk shirt (now tattered) running around with boxes of 11-hole velo paper instead of talking to authors and queuing up for a meeting with Robert, I am of course one day closer to desperation and/or oblivion. And even though I've spent ALL DAY at the copy machine the materials aren't even close to half done and it looks like I will be here long into the night...

Panic, panic. Panic.

Lord. God.

I still don't have a building key to my new office, as the keymaker apparently takes 4-6 weeks (...). So I wasn't entirely expecting to be able to get into the building when I got here this morning at 8:20 am. To my pleasant surprise, I was buzzed up right away.

When I stepped off the elevator there at the reception desk was not the receptionist but Jesse, the second editor. He normally gets in around ten. "When did you get here?" I asked politely. "Around 3 pm yesterday," he answered.

(Please note timestamp--today is Monday.)

"Does this happen often?" I asked, struggling to keep my voice from rising into canine registers.

"Oh no," he said. "I've only done...maybe three all-nighters this month. But we do stay until midnight two or three times a week."


Oh man. What have I gotten myself into here?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

catalog of nice things I ate yesterday

I got a pot of shabu-shabu with:

-thinly-sliced beef
-lotus root
-celophane noodles
-bean sprouts

I also stole from Melanie and Elizabeth:

-one piece of salmon avocado roll
-two pieces of California roll
-one tapioca bubble (actually, theft was attempted while Melanie was in the loo, but theft was not in fact perpetrated because the bubble kept escaping)
-pieces of ginger

And Elizabeth fetched me:

-one brownie from Fatwich in Chelsea marketplace

All in all, a satisfactory day.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Robert the Publisher's Gem of the Day

Sales Manager: But did we offer any special discounts last year?
Robert the Publisher: When Jesus came did he ask, 'Was there a Messiah before me'?!?