Friday, February 09, 2007


Today some of us went to a goodbye lunch for a woman who worked in another department. We learned over lunch that this woman--who is very smart and put-together--had actually been in editorial for six years before finally getting tired of being an assistant and switching departments.

This was sobering news for us, but she approached the subject with stoic virtue, saying the experience had helped her learn the editorial world wasn't for her, and had helped her find her way to her new career, which is really perfect for her. "Besides," she added, "I've heard that in old school publishing if you were an editorial assistant basically the only way to be promoted was for one of the editors to die."

"Yes," said a particularly unassuming editorial assistant at the table. "That's why I'm going down to my bait 'n' tackle shop and buying a rifle to bring in on Monday. Janet's lived a good life." She then looked right and left and said, "Did I say that out loud?"

Amen, honey. A. Men.


Bluenana said...

Sounds like a case of verbal diarrhea to me. That editorial ass should really learn to watch her mouth.

justice said...

Thankfully, I'm sure her mouth and it's connection to her diabolical mind is the more dangerous part of her! The connection doesn't extend to her hands.