Monday, February 05, 2007

my super-romantic so-called life (the mystery, the intrigue)

Today at the copy machine I learned that there is a rumor going around (at least among the production team) that I hadn't in fact taken a new job but had secretly gotten married when I went to France in December and this was some kind of elopement. If. Only.

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Bluenana said...

Have you ever seen My So-Called Life?

I like to flatter myself and think that I helped start that rumor (back in December) by getting all weak-in-the-knees and romantic when talking about all the wonderful things you could do in Paris, and then very loudly suggesting that you can fall madly in love with some hot Parisian guy and get married in the City of Light (loudly enough to be overheard around the copy machine, or my cube, or the fridge...).