Sunday, February 11, 2007

my most fondly cherished dream (dead serious here)

is to have my very own washer and dryer. That day when I don't have to leave my apartment, trek down four flights of narrow dirty marble stairs in stiletto heels and a nightgown (all my socks and clothes are in the laundry bag, duh) carrying said 38 pounds of laundry bag to go compete with the line of hyenas scratching one another's eyes out for use of one of the four (sometimes five) functional washing machines at the Kleener King on the corner...That is the day I shall know all my dreams have come true.

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Bluenana said...

I feel that, Moonie. Aside from the fact that we don't have liveable wages in our industry, I have to say that the washer and dryer in the basement is like a magnetic force that keeps me in my parent's house. Feel like running a load to wash four delicate sweaters? Sure, I can do it while watching Disc 2 of The Wire. It's a convenience I know I'll have a very, very hard time giving up.

Silver Surfer: washer & dryer, please. Make it happen.