Friday, February 16, 2007

moonrat race

I'm sitting in my new office (yes, I have an office here) and trying to figure one thing out: why did they hire me? What could possibly have qualified me for this job?

More specifically, I'm worried about my age. The assistant is my age and some of the interns are older than me. I have no excuses for myself.

I'm trying my best to convey an aura of authority and knowledge while maintaining a sympathetic but rather distant demeaner. I think that's the best strategy.

Meanwhile, it's a rat race--from my precarious position I have to scuffle desperately at the woodchips and pull out enough projects in a very short period of time to prove myself.

First I have to prove myself to myself. If even I don't believe I deserve to be here, how will anyone else?



jalexissmith said...

you are amazing.

Susanne said...

relax. you're doing just fine. i've spent the last five months pretending to be a teacher, and everyone seems to be fooled. i'm even starting to believe it's true.