Saturday, February 03, 2007


So Phill thought I was at a follow-up medical appointment when I was in fact at a follow-up interview (I never lied, but I perhaps misled him by allowing him to believe that it was a medical thing).

Now I have actually been called in for an appointment to follow-up. Of course I will lose my medical insurance when I leave Phill and I won't get it back until my 90-day probational period at my new company is over, so I have to somehow see if I can schedule an appointment this week. The letter says there is probably nothing wrong but they just want to run some tests--which is exactly what I told Phill about the interview (oh clever double-language, how you have bitten me in the bottom). Asking for time off during my last week? Blech. No one is going to be happy about this. Karma, I tell you.


jalexissmith said...

in the words of seinfeld:

"Lupus? Is it lupus?"

Bluenana said...

I'm glad you don't watch House.

moonrat said...

oh but i do.