Sunday, February 04, 2007

in further apartment news

the very large window has fallen out of the wall in my room. Conveniently it is at least 10 degrees outside (not including windchill) so if I huddle under ALL my blankets I probably won't freeze to death in my sleep.

Oh yeah, and more good news--we've met our awol landlord! Did he come to replace the refrigerator, you ask? Oh, no, but see, in absence of a super he has come to collect three months of overdue rent. My checks are getting cashed and I'm out my third-of-my-salary each month, so SOMEONE's being dishonest with my money here.

%&$#ing %&$#.


jalexissmith said...

Same temperature inside as outside? Hmmm, sounds like Japan. I recommend an electric blanket. I love those nights when my body is toasty warm (if not a little bit burning) yet my nose is bright red from the cold.

My friend bought an alarm clock yesterday and was worried because it said that it did not work below 30 degrees or something like that. I told him he should keep it in the fridge but that might make it difficult to hear the alarm.

(and this year is the first year in Kanazawa history- apparently- that it did not snow in January. so it has been a MILD winter.)

Bluenana said...

Ha ha ha ha...the frige. That's great.

Ok, now I'm going to go all my-parents-never-had-a-son-so-my-dad-taught-me-to-be-handy-around-the-house-in-order-to-compensate on you.

What exactly happened to the window? Did the top part drop down? Or did it (horribly) fall out? If the top part fell down, you can jimmy a long piece of wood underneath the window to prevent it from falling. You won't be able to open the window, but that doesn't matter for now.

Ok, seriously, it's fucking cold outside and you're not going to have health insurance soon, so you need to not get pneumonia.

(I promise to stop mentioning the fact that you'll have no health insurance soon.)