Tuesday, February 20, 2007

important questions

When I go to Serendipity 3 on Thursday afternoon, will I have the Forbidden Broadway Sundae, with its huge chunk of the deepest of chocolatey chocolate cakes, pudding-filled frosting center, and thick glooping melts of real fudge topping? Or will it turn out that I can't, in fact, say no to the Can't Say No Sundae, with its almost deadly peanutbuttercake center and chocolate lava sauce?

It's definitely Forbidden....but I Can't Say No! Forbidden, but Can't Say No. Forbidden, but Can't Say No. No nonononono! How will I decide?!?

Then again, Strawberry Fields *ARE* Forever (light fluffy cheesecake with real fresh strawberries and lovely floaty strawberry ice cream).

*GOD* my life is difficult.

1 comment:

Bluenana said...

My heart is broken that we had to reschedule. I'm so so sorry.

I plan to have the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. I already know that it will be served in a glass the size of my head, which is always great for portion control.

Can't wait!