Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I have the best job in the world!!!

And you might think this pronouncement is hasty, as a) my boss is out of the office so I haven't had the chance to experience normal workflow, b) it seems my new company has an international reputation as being totally chaotic, c) I don't get my own phone, and d) it's not clear yet what my job is per se, since no one was around today to tell me, so mostly I sat in a room by myself, YET I know for a FACT that I have the best job in the world!!!! beCAUSE

THERE IS A WHOLE PANTRY FULL OF FREE FOOD!! Cans of Progresso Soup, bags of English muffins, boxes of Orville Reddenbacher, packets of coffee, an unlimited supply of frozen hamburgers. I hear they're even branching out to offer fresh fruit. HEAVEN. I shall NEVER RETIRE.


Amy said...


Bluenana said...

Good Lord, you're adorable! And your judgement, as always, is impeccable!

Any chocolate in that pantry?

jalexissmith said...

oh dear. does sound like heaven. well, great! I am happy for you!