Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday night

and I *should* go out to a gig a high school friend is playing in the city (especially since he invited me to a previous gig and I lazily didn't go to that one either) but I *want* to sit on my sleeping bag in the middle of my unfurnished living room and watch movies I've already seen on cable channels with too many commercials. Maybe there could also be some hot cocoa.

Worst yet, Melanie is dragging me to a party for one of her friend's friends so that I'll have something to do while waiting for our midnightish rendezvous with her boyfriend and high school friend and bevel of drinking buddies I haven't met. Mff. I'm too middle-aged for this nonsense.


jalexissmith said...

what hs friend? you have other hs friends?

Bluenana said...

Aww, Jalexis, do I hear jealousy in that post? That's sweet.

Your post made me laugh my ass off because I totally spent Friday and the rest of the weekend watching movies with too many commercials that I never thought I'd ever have the patience to sit through.

Shame #1: I totally cried during A Knight's Tale when Heath Ledger saw his father for the first time since he was a kid.

Shame #2: Not only did I never intend on watching Ten Things I Hate about Your, but I watched it for the second time this weekend and cried when Julia Stiles read her poem. Like I didn't see it coming, or something.

Shame #3 (and then redeemed): I started to watch Father of the Bride in the spirit of wedding planning, and then quickly shut it off.

I love TBS.