Tuesday, February 06, 2007

congratulations Jalexis!

My friend Jalexissmith (the very one who posts comments on my every entry) paid lots of money to call me all the way from Japan last night, and since she made my day I thought I'd embarrass her by telling the world she's gotten a scholarship to law school!!! (Which I think is especially amazing since a) I didn't know it was possible to get a scholarship to law school, b) she has a very well thought-out and worthy aspiration and totally deserves nice things to help her get herself there, and c) now she'll have lots of unused money floating around so she can come visit me.)

(check out her blog, jalexissmith.blogspot.com, for some mad ikebana photos. and, if you look really hard, an only mildly embarrassing photo of yours truly. i'm the one with all the feathers.)


jalexissmith said...

You are too funny. Thank you for the shoutout. But I believe according to your formula that my name is Jennifer.

Miss you!!

Bluenana said...

Ack, real names?

(trembles with fear)