Friday, January 12, 2007

this is not a happy story

so reader proceed with caution.

Sammy told me about this pigeon because it seems like the kind of story I like. And he was right! The pigeon story goes like this:

So Sammy works at a downtown car dealership. There is a ledge about twelve feet tall over the bays of his fellow mechanics and on the ledge sit a bunch of pigeons. There's this one pigeon in particular who has a green head with a little dark face and a white body and who can't fly. Sammy's not sure what's wrong with this pigeon but every so often he tumbles off the ledge, lands on his feet on the ground, and walks around in a circle for awhile.

Sammy's bay neighbor is named Joe. Joe is a 50-something Queens-bred Puerto Rican guy but because he spent 20 years in the army he picked up the inevitable Army Southern Drawl. Every time the pigeon hits the ground, Joe picks him up in two hands, looks him in the face, and says, "Now listen here, boy. I done tol' you you gon' get KEELT down here!" and he throws the pigeon back up on the ledge. A few minutes later, the pigeon will fall down again and start walking around in circles again, and Joe will pick him up again....etc.

Isn't it a cute story?

Sammy told me this story on Tuesday. Naturally I immediately developed feelings of attachment for the pigeon. Then, on Thursday, when Joe wasn't in the garage for some reason, the pigeon fell down and SOME GUY NAMED GEORGE RAN OVER HIM WITH A CAR!!He done get keelt.

I just can't believe it ends this way.


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Of course it ended that way. It ends that way for everyone. You haven't noticed?