Monday, January 15, 2007

in honor of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr

I have consumed further nice things:

4 assorted mini cheesecakes from Magnolia bakery (pecan praline, chocolate swirl, white chocolate macadamia nut, and pumpkin!)
kitsune soup
sweet eel sushi
California roll
Almost Illegal Pecan Pie rice pudding from Rice to Riches (cleverly got it to go so now I have a nifty new red spaceship-shaped Tupperware container!)
very nice green tea (three cups)
cinnamon spice tea (one large cup)
pumpkin cream popover (from the Japanese cream puff place on 8th Street and 6th)
Angus skirt steak
garlic mashed potatoes
Caesar salad
steamed broccoli and carrots
half a bottle of Beaujolais
additional cheesecake

Happy Birthday, Dr. King.


jalexissmith said...

this is quickly turning into a list of things that you eat, not a book reviewing blog. makes me hungry. especially when you mention steak. mmmm...

Susanne said...

I know this isn't a comment on your post, but after perusing your list of favorit books, I wanted to tell you that I believe I PAID for that copy of The Book of the Dunn Cow, and I don't believe I ever got to read it. Also, subway map of New York? Ahem.

moonrat said...

It's not that the Dunn Cow is a supergreat book, either, though. It's just so odd I felt I couldn't not put it on the list. It was also weird for me that I remembered it so vividly after having read it only that once in sixth grade.

Also, I don't have it--go bother Zachary Charles.