Tuesday, January 30, 2007

further thoughts on friendship

It's been my recent obsession, I know, but between having to leave my very good work friends and between reading that *lovely* book by Mitch Albom I have been stuck obsessing about the idea of friendship. I know I've written about it before, but for some reason at this point in my life friendship is a big preoccupation of mine.

This might be because of a big shift in my priorities. When I was younger (not much younger, but a little younger) I wasted my time trolling after romance etc. Now I feel--honestly--like the best possible partner is actually someone who is just a really good friend. I look forward most to friend dates--eg sushi on Monday with Melanie, the Filipino group gorge slash karaoke fest on Saturday, or the sleepovers on Susan's incredibly decadent down feather bed.

This all sounds trite because you see it printed on pinkish mugs and paper weights and picture frames the world over, but (yes) it is coming to me as a revelation.


jalexissmith said...

in the cookie of life....

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