Tuesday, January 23, 2007

further chronicles of my embarrassingly amusing (or amusingly embarrassing) weekend

So as you can imagine after the trauma of my bad beer experience (lacy hops has been proposed as a possible culprit) that I tried to take it easy on Saturday. I did brave one adventurous train ride to Flushing for a large and hideously inexpensive 6-hour dinner slash dessert feat despite the not-so-soothing rocking of the train. I should have taken the A home but I couldn't bear the thought of the long ride alone in my state so instead I hopped on the 1 with Melanie and her roommate Ava.

Melanie and Ava sat in the orange 1 seats. "You going to sit?" Melanie asked.

"No," I said, gripping the pole in front of them. "My stomach hurts. I feel like I better stand."

"Ugh. My BACK hurts," Melanie said.

"Where?" Ava asked. Melanie turned so she could see and Ava put her hand near Melanie's spine. "Here?"

"Yeah," Melanie said. "And up a little. I think it's from those bellydancing exercises."

Ava got excited. "Oo, you know what we could do? Remember that massage oil I bought? We could give each other massages."

"Oo yeah," Melanie said. "Nothing helps like a massage."

"I know," Ava said proudly. "I'm pretty good--I used to give a lot of massages in college."

"We could lay the futon out and lie down on it so we could do full-body massages."

"Oh, right. Yeah, if we lie down then we can take off our bras, right? Yeah, that will be much better. Especially with the oil."

"Yeah, that will be great--we have that new silky blanket."

"I have incense we could light," Ava added. "And the leftover Christmas candles. That will be really relaxing."

"I can put the bellydancing tape on. That music can be really relaxing, too." Melanie looked up at me. "So, what are you doing later? You want to come over and do massages with us?"

At this point, the guy sitting next to Melanie and Ava and the guy sitting opposite them both got up. They exited different doors of the train but when their paths crossed they gave each other high-fives and peered back in the window at us. Oops. Seems we made someone else's evening, too.


TLH said...

I stumbled over this from your FAQ, but I just wanted to say that I nearly cried this was so hilarious!

moonrat said...

ha! no one even read it the first time around!!! how gratifying. :)

Sarita said...


I also got to it through the FAQ. I was thinking "No way, nothing here seems pornographic. What can it be?" I love it.