Thursday, January 04, 2007


A friend has admitted that her boyfriend finds my blog rather unreadable because the posts are too long. This is actually very good news, because it means someone was at least attempting to read my blog!

So apologies for those who have slogged through all this time; I'm going to make a concerted effort to keep it short. Edit, edit, edit, as my AP English teacher used to admonish me. If only he were still standing over my shoulder.


hugguhbear said...


I definitely don't find your blog unreadable. If anything my words were a slap to my face for my inablility to maintain an attention span on par with a goldfish. I've got to go, something shiny just floated by....

moonrat said...


You TOTALLY made my day by posting because you just raised my proven readership by at least 25%! And I'm VERY sorry I accidentally slapped your face with my words.

Please say hi to the shiny thing and your lovely other half!

Bluenana said...

I sure hope Hugguhbear managed to chase and catch that shiny thing and that he's bringing it to his very spoiled other half.