Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tuesday read: Hirschenson and Jensen/A Star Is Found

Yes, I know it's Thursday. Shut up. We're trying to establish a tradition here.

This week I read a pop nonfiction book that I got a galley copy of at Book Expo America (or BEA as people in the biz know it). The galley copy is just a flimsy paperback but the real thing has this glossy embossed red-and-silver-Hollywood-star style cover and I covet it from afar when I see it on display tables in Barnes & Noble (where yes, Space Alien, I conned my father into taking me over Thanksgiving).

This was fun and I kept reading it all the way through. It was a semi-insightful look into movie casting but naturally I was disappointed by the lack of dish. As I was reading, I could feel the dirty hands of Harcourt's in-house lawyers all over the text, dicing out the juicy bits and reducing "statements" to vagueries. Having come to the end of it (and then it being two days later, so I suppose the content has had some reasonable period to mulch away in my poor frittered mind) I'm hard-pressed to come up with a single worthy cocktail party anecdote out of the book.

I won't say it wasn't worth reading, though. I seriously never thought about what goes into finding the one-liners in movies (a lot, apparently). I think if you're into movies (especially if you're into movies the way I am into movies--that is, you watch the movie with your laptop in front of you and imdb each character and google/wikipedia each goof or factoid) then you'll enjoy this nice quick read.


cookie said...

So I didn't get to say bye. :( I hope Paris and England treat you lovingly, bambito!

Bluenana said...

Then by your accounts, I probably should read this book. Of course, if were watching a movie together, I'd slap your hands and tell you to keep your eyes on the screen and make mental post-its for obsessive imdbgooglpeding later. Of course, since my memory is no better than a goldfish these days, I make exceptions for jotting quick notes during a movie (and even a concert).