Saturday, November 18, 2006

she really sets a standard for us all

Yesterday was one of those rare and special days when we wee egocentrics in the publishing industry found our "news" had actually made the real news. Judith Regan, Publisher Extraordinaire, managed to get her skeevy self plastered all over mainstream media thanks to this prank she has pulled with the new OJ book (in case you've somehow luckily missed it, this is the "I'm innocent but if I'd done it this is how it would have gone down" project). I knew it was a big deal when I saw her picture on the cover of the Post on my way to work. To quote an anonymous but quoteworthy source, "That woman needs publicity the way a vampire needs blood." There's no such thing as negative publicity the way there's no such thing as negative blood...per se...

The funny thing is, Marissa in the Rights department used to work at Judith's house and remembers telling Judith that the subject felt a little tired when Judith first mentioned her vision for this book...eight years ago.

So yes, dolls, now is the time for solidarity. Now is not the time to question whether this is really the kind of industry you want to be commiting your best years to, nor is it time to wonder what editors will have to be doing to make margins work five years from now. Grit your teeth and spit-shine your paste-on Modern Millie grin, for weakness is NOT rewarded (nor, incidentally, are scruples).

And try a new mantra besides "I'm here because I love books; I'm here because I love books." Because not everyone can work at Viking.

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Bluenana said...

Judith Regan makes me want to take a shower after I've just had a bath. I'm sure anyone can be achieve her high profile success when you've sold your soul to the devil.