Friday, November 24, 2006

the marathon

In answer to my own last post...

A good friend of mine worked on an autobiography of a certain B actor awhile ago. The last time I felt frusterated she told me an instructive story from his life. It went like this:

"Jim" was running a marathon. (He was in his late sixties at the time.) He had been training for a long time and he had a van following him to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble.

About two miles from the end (notoriously the most demoralized part of the run), things started to get difficult. Jim was feeling pretty tired but he kept saying to himself, just a little farther, almost there, you can do it, etc, in true Little Red Engine fashion.

The van pulled up beside him and his manager stuck his head out the window. "Get in the van, Jim," the manager said.

"No way," said Jim. "I'm two miles from the end. I'm going to make it."

"Here," said the manager, handing Jim a white hanky. "Wipe of your forehead."

Jim reached up and dabbed the sweat off his forehead. The hanky came down red. He was sweating blood.

"It's over, Jim," the manager said. "You've been running in place for the last ten minutes."

* * *

Now when she told me this, my friend had really enlightening heart-warming moral that she got from this story. But I can't for the life of me remember what it was she said to tie it all up after Jim got in the van. Only the story up the point I've told it with the moral I assume needs no further elaboration.


Bluenana said...

Jim said, "When running a marathon, you don't start racing until you've done 16 miles." We're not in the race yet, Moonrat. This is just the part when we try our hardest to keep pace with the other runners.

Jim didn't finish that marathon, but that marathon didn't finish him either. That happened over twenty years ago and he's still running marathons today.

Keep your chin up, Moonrat. You've got friends who are running beside you.

moonrat said...

Ah yes. That was it. Thanks, Blue.

moonrat said...

Also, may I take this time to indicate my extraordinary gratitude that you care enough about my psychological welfare to amputate yourself from the Wii to come and post this. No sarcasm--I know that took something extraordinary.

Space Alien said...

That kind of made me want to throw up.... just the blood part.