Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Geekophobics proceed with caution

Since March 22nd, 1999, I have had a book book.

It's a plain blue notebook with tiny spiral binding and narrow ruling for penmanship practice. There are thirteen ruled rows on each page (so thirteen title entries per side).

So since March of 1999 I have recorded every single book I've read for pleasure (I thought it was cheating if I'd read it for school, and I have vascillated on whether or not it's appropriate to include nonfiction books; I certainly haven't included the hundreds of books and manuscripts I've read for work). Each entry includes the title, author, and date I finished reading it. Some have sarcastic little notes in tiny writing underneath.

When people find out about the book book they usually laugh at my ridiculousness or cry at my pitifulness. Once I was having a cocktail party in my dorm room at college and someone wanted a scrap of paper to write someone else's phone number on; he reached up and grabbed the book book from my shelf and ripped out a notebook page. When I shouted at him in distress he scoffed loudly and told me (in front of a lot of people) that I need to get a grip. What he didn't understand was that, since I read at a rate of about one extracurricular book a week, he had just ripped out six months of my life.

I would like to offer some evidence in defense of my habit. Earlier today my roommate whipped out a binder of looseleaf notebook paper on which she has listed, in tiny pretty blue letters, the name of every play or musical she has ever seen. Her list goes back to 1995.


Bluenana said...

Oh yes, the book book. I heart you, Moonrat. Truly I do!

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I do the same thing with both books and movies.