Sunday, November 05, 2006

Because this is really what I needed to do, right here.

Start a blog. Like every would-be political journalist looking for a book deal somewhere down the road and his brother (and his cousin Tiffany). Like every attention-seeking college student who ever surfed the facebook and every lonely fat aspiring internet pedophile who wants to stalk them.

Because I have so much free time on my hands, anyway. You know. In between my full-time job (don't worry, I never work more than 60 hours a week, unlike some people in my industry), my clandestine moonlighting to pay off my college loans, and my hectic schedule of pressing social engagements (spawned not so much by popularity--just ask my only friend--as by not-so-secret serial codependency). And of course I'm sure this won't be taking any time away from all that core personal artistic development shite I'm supposed to have wrestled down by the time I'm 26. (I only promised one person I would have finished writing that novel by Christmas--so only one person to avoid in 2007. For this reason, anyway. It's not entirely hopeless--I have a detailed outline of at least six bullet points. Anyone could tell you that the only concrete thing standing between me and creation at this point is a general lack of prose coherency and a hyperindulgent sense of self.)

Although apparently you have even more time to kill than I do--at least I'm getting a soothing sense of pleasured vanity out of writing this. What could you possibly be getting out of reading it??


JES said...

What could you possibly be getting out of reading it [i.e., Moonie's first post]??

Ha! I have no idea what made me look back to see where the whole thing started. Entertaining from the word "go," though. :)

moonrat said...

Pretty funny. I went back and read this myself because I got notified re: your comment.

It's really funny to look at the tone and intent I started with. I'm not sure I'm even capable of this level of snark anymore ;)